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At HEINEKEN, we believe that investments in the well-being and development of employees and the local community are key to sustainable business growth. And society in general today has different expectations from companies. They should be one of the catalysts of positive change and apply the principles of social sustainability through cooperation with the community in which they operate, but also through inclusion and diversity, fairness and safety in the workplace.
We are raising the bar on a global level and have turned the challenges of diversity and inclusion into concrete goals: Our commitment is to have 30% of women in senior management roles by 2025 and 40% by 2030. By 2023, we will have 65% of the country leadership team members from that specific region, and by in the same year, absolutely all our managers should undergo training in inclusive leadership practices. In Croatia, we have already achieved these ambitions, and workplace safety and the well-being of all employees remain the starting point of all our activities. In addition, HEINEKEN Hrvatska and its brewery in Karlovac have been truly good neighbours for almost 170 years. Most of the employees originate from the Karlovac region, and in addition to economic development, we also support numerous local cultural, art and sports events.

We support numerous local cultural, art and sports events

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