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People are at the heart of our company. In order to make sure you have what it takes to be our future employee and that we are the employer you are looking for, we will do our best to truly get to know each other through selection process. How does it look like?
Recruitment flow

We place an ad – the search begins!

We rely on a range of ad placement channels, but we typically resort to the Moj Posao website, the Croatian Employment Service website and our own company website. If we decided not to place an ad we will browse our CV database.

We collect job applications.

During this period, we collect your job applications until the deadline listed in the ad.

We go through your CVs and applications.

We dedicate our time to each and every one of your CVs and applications. We read them carefully and, based your education, experience and interests, decide who to invite to join us in the next step of the process – testing.


This step allows us to test your way of thinking, interests and preferences, and – on some occasions – the knowledge necessary for the position for which you are applying. We will meet those of you who complete the tests successfully at the interviews.

Interviews (first round)

When you arrive for an interview, you will always be welcomed by someone from our HR department and, to make the conversation more interesting, you will be joined by someone from the department offering the position.

Business case

The selection process may sometimes require you to solve a business case. You will be presented with a business case or a situation and you will be given a certain amount of time to provide a solution.

Interviews (second round)

If you have solved a business case or if someone else wants to meet you, you may be invited to the second round of interviews, reserved for shortlisted candidates.

Employment – the search ends!

At the end of the recruitment process, we make our final decision and offer the job to the best candidate.


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